Thursday, May 22, 2008

More General Mets-Fan Stupidity

Was it not just yesterday that I, lifelong Yankees fan, paid homage to uber-Met Mike Piazza? OK, I got a little dig in at the end, but my point stands.

So I'm trolling around the 'Net today and I come across a link to some smarmy writer at ESPN, who just happens to be a Mets fan (once again, what is it about Mets fans being in the media? Did I pick the wrong career?). Does he sing the songs of tribute to Piazza? Thank him for basically rescuing the franchise from certain doom? Maybe give him a pat on the back for helping them get to their only World Series since 1986?


Some of the criticism is valid; I'll grant him that. Piazza was a bit whiny when the subject of first base came up, and the whole catcher home run record thing was dumb. Yet how would he react if he held a press conference to say that he was a heterosexual? What did he want Piazza to say? Not that there's anything wrong with that?

Let's consider where your Metsies would be without Piazza, OK Paul?

This now confirms to me that Piazza should enter the Hall of Fame as a Dodger.

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