Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another Vin Scully Item

I've come to realize, and it's no surprise, that there have been several consistent themes or people that have existed since the beginning of Exit 55. Bobby Murcer, Yankee Stadium, Huey Lewis, and Vin Scully are some that come to mind (besides high school football and the like).

Those are but some of the many things that make up little ol' me. Sorry if it might bother you.

So with that said, here's more from Neil Best on the great Scully, honored earlier this week by Fordham University's great WFUV radio station (which everyone should listen to).

For those of you who want to be a broadcaster (and I know a few of you do read this), let me highlight a quote for you:
Scully on why he rarely listens to other announcers: "I'm not a listener. It’s not ego at all. But Red Barber gave me a bit of advice when I first joined him and he said you shouldn’t listen to other broadcasters because you bring something into the booth that no one else has.

"And I looked at him and I thought what the heck do I have just out of college, and he said yourself, there’s no one else like you. He didn’t want me to consciously or subconsciously borrow tonal effect or whatever. So I don’t listen. Whatever comes out of me is me, it’s pure original, good bad or indifferent."
Lord, how I wish it could truly be just me behind the mic, but I love listening to the various voices of broadcasting too much. I own Major League Baseball's audio package for one reason only - to hear Mr. Scully, for three innings, when is simulcast on radio, TV (and the Net). Otherwise I couldn't possibly care less about listening to Dodgers baseball.

So when you hear me, you hear Scully, but you also can hear traces of many others (frankly both good and bad). I guess you take the pieces of the puzzle and I'm what comes out of it. For the most part, as a broadcaster, the reviews of that puzzle have been fair.

In any event (as I'm just a low-rent blogger, right Mr. Buzz Bissinger?), let me wrap this up by saying that there are two primary interviews that I have not done in my respectful radio career - no surprise - Bobby Murcer and Vin Scully. I long to get a talk show back on the air if only to achieve that goal.

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