Friday, July 27, 2007


I heard that YES will be showing a true Yankees Classic in a little over a week. On August 6, the network will rebroadcast a game against the Orioles from the same date in 1979. Earlier that day, the entire Yankees team was in Canton, Ohio for the funeral of catcher and team captain, Thurman Munson. That night, a national TV audience tuned in to ABC to watch as the Orioles took a 4-0 lead and were in great shape to roll past the tired Bombers.

In the 7th, Bobby Murcer - who had begged Billy Martin to put him in the lineup that night - lined a homer to right and cut the deficit to 4-3. Murcer was one of two eulogists, along with Lou Piniella, in Canton earlier in the day. In the 9th, the Yankees got two on and Bobby Ray sent a double down the left-field line to bring home the tying and winning runs.

It was an emotional night of baseball in The Bronx, and it will be on YES on August 6th if you want to watch a classic baseball game.

I couldn't find any online video of that game, but I did find a little gem. So prepare to be "Murcerized."

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