Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Of Tasers and Water Balloons (Or Greenwich's Version of "Don't Tase Me, Bro")

I work in Greenwich, and I'm involved with Greenwich High School quite a bit. I like the people of Greenwich, who have been thoughtful and kind to me for over a decade now.

Sometimes Greenwich can be quite silly (OK, quite often). Much has been made of a case last week where a GHS student was tasered on campus by a Greenwich Police Officer. In fact, there are a few other blogs that deal with Greenwich specifically, so I'll let them pontificate wihtout me adding opinions to the fire. I wasn't there.

Greenwich Roundup has been leading the charge. They describe their mission statement as:
We offer online news, multimedia, blogs and complete digest of the events and issues that effect the people of Greenwich. Our goal is to promote critical reading and evaluation of news and blog postings. We strongly encourage our readers to send feedback to reporters, webmasters and to write letters to the editor. We hope that visitors to Greenwich Roundup wiil express their views by commenting on blog posts.
In the process of their coverage, they have been bold critics of the Greenwich Time and the Greenwich Board of Ed.

Full disclosure - I saw my name on there just once, but it was part of a blog that somebody else wrote about me. Plus it was positive. So there. I have, however, seen WGCH get criticized. Whatever. Nature of the beast. I would like folks to understand that the days of 24 hour local radio are gone, but I can't go crazy. I'm just a small player in this game, as I've said before.

Criticism about WGCH has also come from Bill Clark, the humble scribe at Greenwich Gossip. Mr. Clark has own thoughts regarding the taster incident.

So read these and other blogs with regard to this story at Greenwich High School. I'm a sports reporter who fills in anchoring the news occasionally. I think I'm better served staying away from this one.

I did once host a general talk show on WGCH, and this would have been a dandy topic, but time moves on...

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