Monday, October 01, 2007

The Big Three

I just threw five teams down in an email this morning. A pure gut feeling.

1) Greenwich (3-0, Last Week - 1) - Once they got it going against Trumbull, they cruised. The scary thing is that they haven't played to their potential. By the way, Naples is 5-0 and is winning games by an average score of 42-3.
2) Central (2-1, 2) - They showed that they were for real as they pounded Westhill.
3) Staples (2-0, 3) - The only way they could move down is if somebody really impressed me. The only way they could move up is if either Greenwich or Central laid an egg. Neither happened, and the Wreckers had a bye.
4) Wilton (3-0, Not Ranked) - Welcome to the Top Five! The Warriors have been threatening and now they're here.
5) St. Joseph (3-0, NR) - OK, color me surprised. The Cadets went out and knocked off the Rams of New Canaan, 35-27 on Saturday. Their schedule had not been tough until then, but beating New Canaan showed us all something.

Dropped out: Westhill, New Canaan.
Lingering: Ridgefield

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