Thursday, October 18, 2007

The End Is Near

Well, the end is near of the madness, at least. Joe Torre has been spotted by several media outlets in Tampa. There's no way that Torre flew to Florida to be fired in person, so he's obviously there to negotiate an extension. Thankfully cooler heads have prevailed and it's beginning to look like Joe will be back on the bench for a 13th season - though likely without Ron Guidry as pitching coach. That, to me, is a shame, but there's the person who had to pay the price.

UPDATE - Well that's that. From Peter Abraham:
The Yankees just announced that Joe Torre will not return as manager. He turned down a $5 million deal that included $3 million in incentives.
OK, now onto Manny being whatever the hell he is. For the love of Bob Gibson, will sombody please knock this arse clown on his posterior? I am so sick of his preening when he homers. Show some class and act like you've done it before. Worst of all - doing it when your team is DOWN 7-3. I was born into the wrong era of this game. I want Gibson, Drysdale, even Clemens and Pedro, for that matter, to dust this schmuck. I'm also peeved at him, on behalf of Sox fans (ponder that for a moment) for making his asinine comments about "life going on" if the Sox lose tonight. No - stupid - you're supposed to be seriously upset if your team does not win. Yes, the sun will rise and the earth will keep spinning...blah blah blah...but you're not supposed to sit in front of the microphones and say that it's no big deal. Your teammates don't want to hear that and 99% of New England sure as hell doesn't want to hear that.

How did the lobstah and chowdah go down when some fan in Maine hear that?

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