Monday, October 22, 2007


I was going to allude to this in my post from the Greenwich-McMahon game, but as I erased the little pressbox "showdown" story, I erased the Belichick-esque affair that took place in the stands as well. I was OK doing so, as I didn't think I had all of the facts straight. Nick Angotto did a great job of telling me what happened, and now Patrick McNamee in the Greenwich Time can tell the whole story:
Coaches from Florida's Naples High School, the Cardinals opponent and hosts on Nov. 9, were caught videotaping the game and had their tapes confiscated by Greenwich coaches.

"We saw them filming our previous games against Trumbull and Darien," coach Rich Albonizio said. "I called them up to tell them we have a gentleman going down there to tape their two games before they play us since they didn't want to do a film exchange."

"Their guy told us that we can't, that they would confiscate our camera. I heard they had a bye this week so I was on the lookout."

The Cardinals took the video and took offense to the fact that Naples tried to pull one over on them.

"We would gladly let them film us if they showed us the same courtesy," Albonizio said. "But don't call us and say we would fire anybody that filmed us and lie and come and do it the next week."
Let the games begin!! Shockingly, there's nothing so far in the Naples News about this yet, but that will be worth watching as well.

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