Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bad Broadcasting 101

It has been made quite cleaer that I am not a fan of Chip Caray, the lead baseball voice at TBS. I first saw him a little over a decade ago as part of Fox's "Nepotism Boys" (Joe Buck, Thom Brennaman, Kenny Albert, and Caray) and among them, I thought Chip brought the least to the table. Apparently Fox did also, as Chipper slowly disappeared. He would reappear with the Cubs on WGN and eventually as part of the Braves broadcasters.

So yes, I've been critical. I wondered if maybe I was over the top, but the criticism has been alarming. Perhaps the best take was offered by Richard Sandomir in the New York Times. Speaking about Caray, Sandomir said,
Caray’s skein of faux pas in Game 3, as well as during Game 2, befogged his announcing like the insects that swarmed Joba Chamberlain on Friday night.
So have a read of Mr. Sandomir's work.

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