Monday, October 29, 2007

The Big Three and Weekend Observations

Right off, here is the latest installment of my Big Three voting:

1) Greenwich (7-0, Last Week - 1)
2) Staples (6-0, 2)
3) Central (5-1, 3)
4) New Canaan (6-1, 4)
5) Ridgefield (5-2, NR)

I'm only going to comment on Ridgefield, because there's nothing to add about the other teams. Ridgefield is good...very good. I'm convinced they're a touch better than either Wilton or St.Joe's. They're just not good enough to be in the class of...well...the big three.

And boy does it seem like Central will get the old screw. Greenwich has essentially sealed their trip to the FCIAC Championship game (either November 16th at Boyle Stadium, or November 22md at Staples Field). When looking at the points system, Central sits in fourth, because New Canaan and Staples have stronger opponents, in that those opponents have more wins, which build up more points. I think many want to see a rematch of Greenwich and Central instead of a GHS-Staples Thanksgiving game for all the marbles. Oh well.

A-Rod plus Scott Bor-ass...perfect together.

Congratulations to the Red Sox. I picked them back on day one to win it all. It's not their fault but they just completed the worst postsesason of my life. Boring.

I'm done for now.

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