Monday, October 22, 2007

More Reasons Why Connecticut's 50-point Rule is a Joke

New London High knocked Griswold pretty badly, 54-7 on Saturday. Of course, that meant the 50-point police were out in full force. From Ned Griffen inThe Day of New London comes this little nugget:

Reserve tailback Calan Bryant ran for a 17-yard touchdown late in the third quarter to make it 54-7 before Cochran had Anthony Basilica punt the ball on the conversion to keep the Whalers from getting any close to that 50-point lead.

The fourth quarter was unintentional comedy. The Whalers were at the Griswold 36 early in the period when Cochran had his team take two straight delay of game penalties. On first and 20 from the 46, Bryant ran 34 yards with the New London sideline screaming for him to fall down. Bryant was tripped up before he could do so.

Reed took four straight knees in order to prevent further scoring. He did so again after a Griswold turnover.

“You can't run a play on offense,” Cochran said. “It's just not football. The intention of the rule is great, but the reality of the rule is awful.”
Yep, great rule there.


N. L. said...

CT has horrible football. Stick to basketball.

Rob Adams said...

Thanks for weighing in.