Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who'd of Thunk it?

The Mets lost to the Marlins about five minutes ago, and the Phillies just beat the Nationals. It is over in the National League East. Now before you think that I'm breaking out the happy snacks, just stop. The Mets have become irrelevant to me. Maybe it's because a former Yankee is managing them (more about that later). Maybe it's because my priorities have changed (more likely). Maybe it's because I'm a Yankees fan - and that's where my focus is (also likely). Whatever - it's over.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This Mets team is hard to dislike because they have good guys like David Wright. Oh, but please don't call Paul LoDuca a warrior. I know a warrior - name of O'Neill, Paul. Don't compare the two.

Before I add anything else, let me just say that the talk of David Wright as the NL MVP is over. Jimmy Rollins talked the talk and walked the walk. He wins.

I picked the Mets to win the East in my preseason predictions . I still think they have the most talent in the National League, but that doesn't mean anything. Oh, how did I do on the rest of those predictions? Well...

NL East - Mets (WRONG!)
NL Central - Cubs (Shockingly correct)
NL West - Padres (No, but they might win the Wild Card)
NL Wild Card - Phillies (Well at least they made the playoffs)

Other NL notes - I said the Phillies and Brewers would both do well, but also said that the Rockies and Diamondbacks would be bad. I also said Dontrelle Willis would be a Met. Ooops.

AL East - Red Sox (Yep)
AL Central - White Sox (Ooooo...bad pick)
AL West - Angels (Uh-huh)
AL Wild Card - Yankees (Correct)

Oh well, that's why predictions don't mean shite.

Anyway, the Mets fans are clearly calling for the head of Willie Randolph, and you know part of that has to do with his Yankee lineage. Let's just consider though that the Mets had a seven game lead with 17 games to go. The Mets stunk down the stretch, but give it up to the Phillies because they played amazing baseball. I find it amazing that, especially considering on July 2nd I said the following...
I have said...on record...that the Yankees are Done...D-O-E-N...Done
Yeah, I was kind of wrong about that one.

I can't figure Mets fans out. On Thursday night, in the midst of a pennant race, they failed to fill Shea Stadium against the Cardinals. I asked a couple of Mets fans about that last night, and one of them said to me that he was offered tickets to games all week and declined. In fact, he wanted the Mets to lose so that Willie Randolph would be fired.

Are you following the logic here?

Anyway, I'm not going to rub salt in the wound. It really doesn't matter to me - I just love crazy pennant race baseball.

The playoffs begin Wednesday. The Yankees open against the Indians on Thursday. Remember - all of the games are on TBS (and TNT). TBS holds the right to the NLCS also, while Fox has the ALCS and the World Series. For Yankees fans, this means we get the insufferably bad Chip Caray and milquetoast Tony Gwynn for the opening round.

Let the playoffs begin!

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