Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Big Three

I don't have much analysis to add this week. I have lots of thoughts about the games that I called - especially Port Chester at Harrison - a game that I didn't intend to be at, but when life gives you lemons...

So do people realize that the media (print and electronic) are largely there to report and in a lot of ways, support the teams playing? Oh, they do? Then why is it that we go to a place like Harrison and are treated like we're a distraction? No, not by fans or players, but just some higher-up types. First of all - Feely Field is a joke. For a program like the Huskies, they should have a top-notch facility. Apparently they will next year, but the word I'm hearing is that there won't be enough seating and god only knows what kind of "press box" there will be. I always find that term "press box" laughable. If it is a "press box", then why are press not allowed? Discuss!

Anywho, we called the game from an alcove behind the gorgeous auditorium inside the school. That was because we were told that we were not allowed in the bleachers - the first time I've ever been told that. So that meant large chunks of the broadcast were again handed to sideline reporter Nick Angotto, who had the best view of the deeper ends of the field. Yeah, we might have been in the way in the bleachers, and ya know, I'd be afraid of being a hindrance to the fans disguised as metal bleachers. This wasn't exactly Rye-Harrison, with 10,000 people. This was Port Chester-Harrison, with maybe 300 people, many of whom were members of the Harrison marching band.

Folks, bottom line here. We do the games to bring attention and good will to your town and teams. We're not very hard-hitting journalists because we understand that your athletes are not pros. We'll criticize certain on the field things, but that's about it. It does help if we get sponsors, but in the case of the Harrison-Port Chester game, we didn't have any. To be honest, we'd probably cover more games if we could more sponsors. In fact, there would be a LOT more sports on WGCH if there were more sponsors. That includes talk shows, games and who knows what else?

Frankly, Sean, Nick and I are sports fans who enjoy watching and talking about games. This has always been a labor of love for us because none of us are getting rich off of it. I think Matt Levine, Tim Parry, Jason Intrieri, Zach Fisher, Matt Hamilton, Mark Rosen, John Spang and countless others would agree with this point of view as we have put a lot of money (gas, equipment, airline tickets, etc) and added lots of stress to our personal lives to do what we love. And we're all pretty damn good at it. Same goes for the writers and other folks. Two words here - BILL GONILLO. Think about it.

This is not to say that we had any specific problem with the people in Harrison. In fact, Nick received a few warm wishes, which are much appreciated. I know the same has happened in other places. It's just that I don't understand the occasionally resistance to our presence. We mean good, and no harm.

OK, rant over. Onto the Big Three (plus two).

1) Greenwich (4-0, Last Week - 1) - They look great now. I have nothing to add, except Naples looks scary.
2) Central (3-1, 2) - I don't know if I'm the lone wolf in putting the Hilltoppers this high, but I like what I see. Too bad they don't play Staples this year.
3) Staples (3-0, 3) - Maybe the only thing keeping them from taking over number two is that off week. Or maybe I expect too much from Marce's Marauders.
4) Wilton (4-0, 4) - Not overwhelming in beating Stamford, but they're still perfect.
5) St. Joseph (4-0, 5) - Held off Trinity Catholic. They have a high-powered offense, and the return of the Hogs to prominence is a great story.

Time to go watch the end of the Joe Torre Era (Big Stein strikes again!). At least the Steelers dominated the Seahawks.

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