Monday, October 08, 2007

The Latest Imus Buzz

From All Access:
The latest rumors in the DON IMUS-CITADEL talks have surfaced in the NEW YORK TIMES, which is reporting in a story for SATURDAY's editions that the two sides have "reached an understanding" to put IMUS in the 6-10a ET slot at Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK, although the story notes "no contracts have been signed, which means that whatever agreement exists between the two sides could unravel."

The paper's sources put IMUS' return "on or around DECEMBER 1st" and added that IMUS is separately seeking a TV channel to simulcast his show, similar to what MSNBC did when he was with WESTWOOD ONE and CBS Sports WFAN-A. FOX NEWS CHANNEL, the YANKEES' YES and METS' SPORTSNET NEW YORK regional cable channels are cited as the likely suitors for IMUS' TV rights.

While not confirming IMUS' talks with his company, CITADEL CEO FARID SULEMAN told the TIMES, "He did something wrong. He didn’t break the law. He’s more than paid the price for what he did. I think he should be evaluated by what he does going forward."

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