Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tip of the Cap to Bobby Ray

May 20th normally means three things to me:

1) My dear friends Jon from R-Va and his lovely wife Rebecca are marking another anniversary. it 12 years?  I wish them both so many years of happiness; so rare in this era, and I have both admiration and envy for them.

2) My great friend BL, the once-and-always "John Harrison" of Majic 105 - my very first friend/mentor in radio - is celebrating his birthday.  I've lost track of what number it is, but we must find a way to get together.  We live so near, and both have kids (his two children are my godchildren), so it is a crime.

3) Bobby Ray Murcer, the pride of Oklahoma City, was born on this day in 1946.  In terms of being a Yankee, few had more pride.  Few were also more beloved.  I emulated his swing.  I wore his number two (which he wore from 1979-1983) in little league whenever it was available.  When he became a broadcaster, it gave me more inspiration to do the same.

Each time I met him, he treated me with kindness.  That's all a fan could ask.

I'd like to believe that some of us Bombers fans still miss him.  I know I do.  I wish the Yankees as an organization would do a little more to honor him.  It's been far too long since Monument Park picked up a few more plaques.  Bobby Ray wasn't a Hall of Famer, but he was a legendary Yankee.

Anyway, happy anniversary and birthday to these people who have had an impact on my life.

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