Friday, May 18, 2012

Then...and Now


OK, so I'm standing on the wrong side of the statue, but here it is - me and my dad in February, 1980...and me today - May 18, 2012.  Special thanks to Kris, who had the made sure that this picture got taken.  I'm not the skinny kid I was back then, but whatever.

And while we're at it, see the hat that my dad is wearing?  Well...(again, thanks to Kris)...
We spent the day in Tarpon Springs, home of the famous Sponge Docks (in case you didn't know).  It's a greek fishing village, and my dad had one of these hats that he often wore.  So today, his spirit loomed large (as it often does, and is omnipresent down here).  Just a nice way to pay homage to him.

Oh, and though I didn't buy that hat from that store, I did buy a Tarpon Springs baseball hat.  Have to keep my head from getting sunburned!

OK, baseball tonight!

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