Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Settling In

Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  Nor sure I'll get there on this trip, but I hope so.  It's pretty much my favorite bridge ever...or one of them.
Day 1 of my Florida Adventure is over, and oh God, what a day!  First, thanks so much to the fine folks at Delta Airlines for making this day into a total cluster....

OK, things happen.  Flights get canceled.  Weather disrupts things.  Blah blah blah.  BUT.  Is it that freaking hard to contact passengers in this era?  Answer: NO!  I was advised last night that my original flight had been canceled, and even contacted regarding the re-booking of the flight.  I thought I was leaving an hour later.  I had everything ready.  But I checked in with Delta online a few hours later...only to discover...that they had canceled THAT flight and I was now on a plane leaving five hours later!

What if I had gone to the airport?  I would have sat there...for a long time.  Ever been to the waiting area at Westchester County Airport?  Kind of a like a large, overcrowded conference room!

But life, of course, goes on.

After thinking I would be in Florida around 10:30 this morning, I arrived at 5:40 this afternoon.  I must tell you, it is surreal.  Just crazy.  It really hasn't hit me yet that I am back in Tampa.  From what I understand, tomorrow may be a day of Waffle House (WAHOO!), Japanese hibachi (sounds good), and lots of memories - including visiting the area where my grandparents lived.  I expect my emotions to be all over the place.  It's just who I am.

PS...ever been to Steak and Shake?  Well I had not...until tonight.  Cross that off my checklist and add it to the coronary overload deliciousness of my diet!

Back home, I'd have to say I'm not missing much (in the Sports division).  Rangers?  Lose.  Yankees? Lose.

I have to love the fact that the super awesome Brittany (a mere two doors away from where I'm currently typing) just "liked" my previous post on Facebook.  She has Beatles stuff in her room.  Awesome.  Enough said.  Then again, I can't let her see "Jerk Face" being so...nice.  Can't be warm and fuzzy.

Kris and I considered going to the Rays/Red Sox game tonight, but my late arrival killed that.  We missed seeing this.  Apparently all is OK, thankfully.

OK, sleep awaits.  So do waffles.

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