Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sad Realities

Fort De Soto Park, St. Petersburg, FL.  May 19, 2012
Vacations are generally a total departure from reality.  While I'm down here with family - extended and otherwise - there's still a touch of real life, but there hasn't been work to worry about (not totally true; I've done things for both of my jobs since I've been here).

Still, the day-to-day is different.  Just a fact.

So I begin to enjoy my last full day in the Tampa Bay area.  It has been a great thrill to be back here, and I only pray that it isn't my last visit.  I could happily return here - very often!

I saw so much of what I wanted to see.  Yet I can see lots more.  Beyond Tampa Bay, there is Sarasota and Bradenton, and on down to Naples (anyone remember 2007?  I do).  To the east is Orlando and out to the Kennedy Space Center (last visited in 1981).

Yes, much more to see.  More memories to relive.  More memories to make.

Yesterday was beach day, as indicated by the picture above.  It took a few hours to get it all straight, as we headed towards Clearwater Beach (BIG mistake!  One must not head there after, say, 10:00 AM).  So we regrouped and drove to Fort De Soto, which combines the beauty of the Bay with the history of the fort, and the views (at the right height) of the majestic Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Still, leave it to me to screw up.  I got to reading my Kindle (Marty Appel will be on "The Press Box" Monday night to talk about Pinstripe Empire.  If you love baseball, you will love this.).  Then I got sleepy.

Then I slept.  Then I took a walk back to see Fort De Soto.  I also used this as some time to call New York.  Then my phone buzzed with the news that we were packing up.  Had I missed something at the beach?  Yes...THE WATER!

So I ran back and stood in the Gulf of Mexico for all of about 20 seconds.  CHECK!

This trip is different for me.  I normally play a big hand in planning things.  I'm normally the driver.  I've done none of it!  I'm so happy to simply be along for the ride.

I'm suspecting today will be more low-key.  Some breakfast, some dinner at home, and maybe some recreational time (like jumping in the pool).  That's what I mean - one simply do everything.  Golf won't be possible on this visit, despite the course being literally in our back yard!  So come next Friday, when I play Chris Erway's bachelor party/golf tournament, I'll be sure to be positively terrible, and have fun doing it!

Oh, and a mighty solid effort by the Rangers yesterday.  New Jersey isn't winning this thing.  Just saying.

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