Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Sappy Side

I'm sitting on a patio, enjoying an amazing breeze, listening to tunes coming out of the house.  But I'm having one of my softer moments.  Just heard this song.

Some songs hit the right notes.  I'm not always one for the words; great musicianship and a fine tune are often enough for me.  But sometimes the words are so powerful.  The Beatles were masters at that.  Obviously most of the credit belongs to a couple of lads named Lennon and McCartney, but don't discount Mr. Harrison either, who wrote "Something", a song that even Frank Sinatra lauded (although he thought John and Paul wrote it).  And of course, Ringo.  He knew his place.

PS, if you've never seen A Hard Day's Night (yes, the movie) then go find it.  Now.  That's your homework.  You'll never find a better musical/rock and roll movie.  I've seen many of them: This is Spinal Tap (love it!), Help, Yellow Submarine, Purple Rain, Tommy, and on and on.  The opening credits are enough to make you smile - that opening note on George Harrison's Rickenbacker 12-string guitar (said to be an F and G chord, but I don't know enough to sound smart on that topic) is purely iconic, and states its presence with a thump.

Oh, and if you know me, then you can watch the movie with me, because I just happen to own it, along with Yellow Submarine.  I don't have Help however, and believe it or not, I've never seen the disaster that is Magical Mystery Tour in its entirety.  But the title song has been in my head since my trip to Florida, and is currently my ringtone.

Anyway, I'll soon be back to ranting and raving.  Just get me going on Mayor Soda Jerk or some of the filth on New York sports talk radio and I'll spout off.

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