Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Essential Memorial Day Song

Maybe you have yours.  One of those songs that screams beach, open roads (or clogged going to the beach) and warm weather.  The promise of summer!

*Let this not take away from the reason for Memorial Day.  We remember.  Always.  We thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to have the freedom that we have.

For me, there's only one.  The Boss.  Born to Run.  The heart of a nearly perfect album.

The live version shows the pure power of the Boss's shows in the early 80's.  It shows Clarence being, well, Clarence, and a young Patti Scialfa before she became...uh...Mrs. Springsteen.  Oh, and there's a sight of the first Mrs. Springsteen.  Awkward.  Plus the late Danny Federici.  These were some great times on E Street.

But of course, the studio version is still a masterpiece.

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