Friday, May 25, 2012

Vin Scully...Who Else?

Just saw this video.  The quality is sketchy, but it does the job.

The best.  Ever.

Well done by ESPN.

And just in case you're new around here, or have been on Mars, you should know that Mr. Scully is the greatest sports broadcaster of them all.  Here is one stations' take on Vin Scully - his top 5 calls.

My $.02?  They're nuts.  The Koufax perfect game is not only Scully's greatest call, but it is the perfect call of any moment.  That entire 9th inning has been printed in its entirety.  It's the basis by which I teach my students.

OK, back to the hockey game.  Rangers/Devils.  Game 6.  Overtime.

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