Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Carrie!


Today is 10/10/10.  Some think it is the end of the world (and I feel fine) or some such garbage.

I know it – and will now forever know October 10th – as the birthday of my one and only Carrie.

It’s been just six months.  Wow, time flies, but these six months have been such a gift.  The beginnings of a new life.  After posting various “Rule 55’s” with songs related to her, I wrote that Carrie and I were a couple back in May, and we’ve been constantly together every since.  Despite the ups and downs of the roller coaster of life, I wouldn’t trade it.  It’s been amazing, but we still have so much more work to do, and so many more experiences to discover.

It’s so tough to put it all in words; you probably feel the same about your own significant other.  For me, Carrie has become my best friend.  Yet that’s so pithy; too simple.  She has been beyond thoughtful, so much so that it is almost stunning when something slips through the cracks.  Generous, kind-hearted, loving, cultured, educated, funny…I could dig around for all of the adjectives.

Maybe Jack Nicholson had it right, when he told Helen Hunt, “You make me want to be a better man.”  That kind of sums it up.

I hear her moving around right now, and I want this to be a surprise.

Happy birthday, Carrie.  Here’s to many more.

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