Thursday, October 21, 2010

So What's Up With the Officiating?

Back in this post, I alluded to attending Greenwich film night, so I could have a chance to see the footage of the Greenwich/Trumbull game from last Friday night.  I did so last night, and all I can say is...




Now before I go on, let's be very clear.  Wins and losses are the responsibility of a team.  Barring something extreme (Don Denkinger, 1985 World Series; Jim Joyce, blown perfect game this year), officiating doesn't really impact the true outcome.  Teams have to make plays.  Greenwich had chances in their game against Trumbull to score and failed due to one thing or another.  They also had a chance to shut the Eagles down after a phantom pass interference call and didn't.

What I saw was shocking.  The officials were out of position on many plays, and missed several obvious calls.  For instance, Greenwich was set to punt in the first half.  The snap was supposed to go to Shane Nastahowski (on a fake punt), but sailed past him.  Punter Oliver Ostrowski picked it up and, with an Eagle in his face, got the punt away.  As he did, he got hammered.  No flag.  We looked at each other in the booth in utter shock.

One thing about the impact of that play - Trumbull's Phil Terio scooped up the punt and rambled back down deep into Cardinal territory.  Now, Greenwich needs to tackle him, of course.  Yet if the flag is thrown for roughing the kicker, the whole thing becomes null and void.

Elsewhere, twice during the game, there were intentional grounding calls that were missed.

At another point, there was a no call on an obvious clip.

We've already discussed the terrible pass interference call, but the video revealed that the no-call on a possible pass interference on Trumbull late in the game was correct.  It wasn't interference.

Even on the winning touchdown, it didn't appear that Trumbull quarterback Brian Gallo crossed the plane of the goal line.

The bottom line is that Greenwich lost the game.  Yet the video was frustrating for Cardinal backers, who have long thought the word "GREENWICH" on the jersey is a target.

I respect the job the officials do.  Really.  I know it's not easy.  Still, can they at least be in the right position?  Can they be in shape to do their jobs? 

The video was, to say the least, revealing.

Over and done with.  Bridgeport Central is next for the Cardinals.  We'll be on the air at 1:50, sans Chris Erway.  Anybody want to join the broadcast team for a week?

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