Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Bunch of Links...Whittled Down to One

I had several things that I was going to post some "linky dinks" to, but I decided to do away with them in the interest of time and put just one up. One from my friend and now FORMER (grrrrr) Mount Saint Mary College basketball analyst, Christine Baker.

She's the former analyst...I'm the former play-by-play radio "voice." The Mount isn't doing games this year. *Sigh* We're looking for other places to take our talents to!

Anyway, Christine is also a talented writer, and put together a post on her blog called "A Day in the Life of This Writer." She uses pictures, words, humor, and more to break it all down. She also includes a musical break, using a a song ("I Run to You" by Lady Antebellum) to indicate how to soothe the savage beast that exists inside each of us.

That song has incredible lyrics. It means a lot to me. Sadly, the big meanies wouldn't let me embed a video. So go here and enjoy.

Take a few minutes to listen to the song, and take a few more to look at Christine's post.


Christine Baker said...

Hey thanks for the shout out, Rob. I appreciate it! Hopefully we'll find somewhere to ply our commentating wares soon!

Penelope Przekop said...

Read a great new interview with Christine at http://www.aberrationnation.com/2010/10/writing-and-basketball-christine-baker.html.

Writing and Basketball: Christine Baker