Friday, May 14, 2010

The Big Announcement

Earlier this week, I made a change on Facebook. To be exact, I changed my relationship status to "In a Relationship..." I figured that, if you know me, and have been paying attention, then it wasn't much of a secret. The Rule 55's, the jump in my step, the smile on my face. It was obvious.

Still, it didn't seem to be a big deal to me. Carrie and I have been together for a short time now and are motoring along nicely (at least until I do something stupid). We have laughed about titles, and I just wasn't sure making it "official" on Facebook was all that important. That kind of validation, while nice, doesn't seem necessary.

What troubled me was that I've walked a fine line here on the Big LeBlogski. I've made it known that I'm not big on giving away too much personal stuff, yet I can be like an open sore at times. So as usual, I was my typically contradictory self.

I know several bloggers, of course. Sean Kilkelly doesn't talk about personal stuff. Tim Parry would occasionally. Jeff Pearlman can often be an open book. I find I tend to lean towards his style - warts and all. Yet I figure Jeff has a line that he has drawn, and I believe in that as well. It's just always a question of figuring out where that line is.

There's much to work through. I mean, that's what relationships are, right? My God, we all know they're just not easy work. Distance between parties, a child, personality differences, money, yada yada yada. You've likely been in a relationship yourself, so you know the drill. Yet Carrie has shown me a lot. She has rebuilt the spirit that I so needed to have rebuilt. People have taken notice. The emails, personal messages, Facebook wall posts and comments have been touching. I'm simply amazed at how many people have reached out to me. At last check, 30 people have said they "like" the status on Facebook, while others have commented. I love the likes; they warm my heart. I kept updating Carrie as the day went on. For her, it was text messages and a few Facebook items.

Our story has already been pretty cool. Boy gets invited to meet friends (thanks, Mick and Gretchen) in Manhattan. Boy finds out it's a party for a friend (thanks, Susan). Boy considers bailing due to potential shyness. Boy reconsiders and goes to party, where girl (who organized the party) walks in and has an immediate impact. Boy and girl discover similar interests (Rangers and Yankees). Girl gives boy phone number. Text messages are sent and two days later, they talk on the phone.

There's a first date, at the site of the first meeting and it goes really well. Then the strange coincidences begin. I won't get into them all, but I'll tell you that Carrie knew me well before I knew her, as she discovered that she listened to the Greenwich/Staples football broadcast last November, and remembered the play-by-play guy who thought certain TV people acted "bush league."

I'm going to spare you the gushing and the mushy stuff. After many false starts, misunderstandings, and other relationship idiocy, I've found a companion. One who accepts me for being that most dreadful of characters: me. Every hurdle gets greeted with "we'll address it" or "we'll work around it." I like that in her. It's all part of what helps me stay grounded.

Oh we have our differences. It won't always be smooth sailing, but let me know if you've found a perfect relationship.

We'll see where it goes from here.

It's the start of something special for the superhero duo of That Guy and Whatshername.

You should meet her. You probably will.

I've changed my relationship status.

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