Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Now The Real Linky Bench…err…Off The Dinks

34 Confusion
A wise guy with some time on his hands teased me for the recent return of “Off the Bench” and how I blurred the lines between it and “Linky Dinks.”

So today, your links are back!

Brian Anderson should be on the A team at TBS.  That is all, folks.  Richard Dietsch at SI put him near the top of his Media Power Rankings.  Besides, I have BA’s phone number in my cell phone.  So I have that going for me.  Seriously, Brian has done an amazing job.

I went to this game last night (thanks, ESPN New York).  Underwhelming would be the best word for it, though I flew out of my seat when Alex Frolov scored.   Clearly, the wrong Rangers won last night!

At the same time, Donnie Pucks has some criticism of the Blueshirts special teams.  Yeah, to say the least.  And that is all I have to say about that.

My fellow Rangers fans are frustrated (and by the way, they too have some really embarrassing folks that shouldn’t ruin it for everyone else.  They’re so great otherwise).  But there were a lot of empty seats last night also (could be apathy with Cablevision…the Fox thing…the Yankees…ticket prices…the team…the Avalanche don’t excite fans…I just don’t know).  I sense that many of them are feeling the “same old Rangers” routine that, say, a Knicks or Mets fan would.  That, friends, is sad.

Me?  I just felt frustrated watching it.  Bad offense.  Blah defense.  Poor special teams.  Just a bad night (though I thoroughly enjoyed being there).  Tied at one, I know of one person who felt like the Rangers weren’t going to win.  Could have been the “Spidey senses” tingling.

Fingers crossed for Rutgers Defensive Tackle Eric LeGrand.  Scarlet Knights head coach went on WFAN with the master of the Diet Coke, Mike Francesa, to talk about LeGrand.

Masuk has moved into second in the Bill Gonillo Five.  Personally I have more faith in Staples.

Remember Andrew McCarthy?  Yeah, Blane from “Pretty in Pink.”  What is he up to now?  He’s an award-winning travel writer! (Thanks, Stuck in the 80’s)

I didn’t see that one coming, either.

I just stumbled across this today.  My road brethren (I think it was the Sure, why Not? blog) pointed me out to the work of Bill Steigerwald, who is following as much of the original route that John Steinbeck took when he was preparing to write "Travels With Charley” in 1960.  Bill’s fascinating blog is here.

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