Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lots of Links (and a few Dinks)

If any member of any broadcast of mine ever sounded like these two, I would consider removing them from the air immediately.  For the love of Red Barber, these two are terrible!

Ah but those of you who love ol' Gus Johnson will appreciate it! (Thanks to Awful Announcing and Deadspin)

Staying in high school football, congratulations to Greenwich's own Oliver Ostrowski for winning the Fairfield County Player of the Week Award. (FCIAC Football Blog)

The FCIAC Football Blog also has the details of the recent voting for the Bill Gonillo Five.  Staples is now number one (and I voted for them), but John Nash at The Hour disagrees.  I give John kudos for explaining.  He is one of only a few voters who let readers in on who they vote for, and why (the others being Pat Pickens and some guy named Rob).

I agree with Tim Parry here - Greenwich's win over Bridgeport Central was not an "upset." 

WGCH also broadcast the Brunswick/Canterbury game.  David Fierro was there for the Greenwich Time

Some other guy wrote about the experience of broadcasting both the Greenwich/Central and Brunswick/Canterbury games in the Greenwich Post.

Paul Silverfarb has lots more Greenwich sports in the Post.

Exit 55 fave Ross at NYY Stadium Insider proposes a point that I've long wondered about: are sports more enjoyable when watched at home?

Rant Time: I'm starting to think the answer to that is "yes."  Between the collection of d-bags that gather at each stadium and/or arena, the sickening prices ($10 at the Garden for a Smithwicks?), and the collection of crappy sounds and mind-numbing visuals, I would say that it isn't always as much fun to go to a game anymore.  Don't get me wrong - I went to MSG last night and enjoyed myself, but the reality is, the thing I enjoyed the most was being with Carrie (after I regained my hearing - that's a joke between us, folks).  I love her company, and the company of many of the people I go to games with (Mick, Kris, Eddie, Steve, etc), but still, couldn't that also be accomplished from a living room, or even a bar?  That way, we don't have to deal with the drunken 18 year-old who definitely has the potential to be trouble...the 41 year-old (not me) who wouldn't shut the bleep up...and other miscreants.  The number of people who attend sporting events and have NO CLUE about the sport they are watching is laughable.  I love it when they try to spout history or something factual, and I just sit there and shake my head. 

I have other beefs (MSG doesn't introduce the opposition...really?) but overall, they're not worth it. It's still fun to go to a game, but Ross's question is fair - are we getting the most out of the experience in this era?

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