Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't Sleep in Your Car in Crescent City, CA

I've been totally mesmerized by Bill Steigerwald's blog (via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), "Travels Without Charley."  To keep costs down, Steigerwald has frequently slept in the back of his RAV-4 (in which he has a sleeping bag and blackout curtains).

As a broadcasters who frequently lives strange hours, I have also stopped into many parking lots to grab a few winks.  Better that than crashing, no?

In Steigerwald's case, he has been taking advantage of WalMart's, as the giant allows weary travelers to sleep in their parking lots, although it's really more for RV's and such.

Steigerwald went to a "Wally" in Crescent City, CA and was told that he could not stay overnight there.  Why?  Something Steigerwald, Steinbeck, and Adams all hate - government interference.  Read it all here.

So in Crescent City, I guess they would rather have me crash into a telephone poll, or another car, than take up space in a church parking lot.  Or the Wal-Mart.  Unreal.

Then people wonder why, although I'll vote as usual next month, I dislike all politicians (with the exception of State Rep. Fred Camilo in Connecticut...just too nice of a guy) .  It's starting to look more and more like I'll write a name in, or go for one of those offbeat candidates for New York Governor.  Me vote for a Cuomo?  Me vote to Paladino?  Um...nyet.  Give me the nut who won't take his gloves off!  In the Senate race, you could hold a gun to my head and I STILL wouldn't vote for Chuck "Microphone" Schumer.

I'd let you pull the trigger.  Which isn't a great feeling, but I guess that's on me.

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Jo anna Henry said...

Crescent City California is a horrible small burg hardly a town with a corrupt police force! Boarded up motels and boarded up businesses everywhere. People have a bad nature and is in general a place to pass through and not stop!
It is the arm pit of California, Crescent City Police department allow drug users and drunks to roam the streets at all hours but harass people who sleep in their cars - RV's and Make up stupid codes that do not even exist. Unless you were born here stay clear of that god awful dieing small joke of a community.
People there are ignorant as can be for the most part 88% are ignorant and hateful.\ The A.C.L.U. will be filing a class action law suit against this city for is police force conduct and the hassle they are giving the honest homeless. If you have lived there several years locals get away with murder but they hassle the heck out of newcomers or travelers there on business or just passing through.
Warning stay away from that crap coastal town, you will be glad you did.