Friday, October 29, 2010

"What A (BLEEPING) A$$hat!"

That was essentially what "Exit 55" contributor Mick sent to me as a header in an email for this link.

Look, I'm a Rangers admirer, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the Islanders (having grown up with them). The Islanders are so incredibly irrelevant that the point of "hating" them is foolish. Hate the Islanders? Why? Let's examine the points of the article:

1) They suck. Well, yeah, they haven't been very good in roughly 20 years (I'm generalizing). OK, agreed, to a degree. They have had a few moments, and are off to a decent start this year. Moving on...

2) They Can Do Better. Well, dummy, EVERYONE can do better! The Yankees could win every year (oh, you mean they don't?). Dear God this is inane. Let's keep going...

3) Founded on Spite. OK...So be it, I guess. But they're still there, where they once came back from being down three games to none to win a playoff series (funny how that gets ignored) and won FOUR STANLEY CUPS IN A ROW. The Mets were founded because all of the Dodgers fans (and some Giants fans) couldn't let go of the idea of Duke and Pee Wee and The Boys of Summer, who they still cry for. More notably, the Mets were founded because those fans would never become fans of the WINNERS in New York (hmmm, who could that be?). Dear God, get over it.

4) Poor Management. Are we doing a top five to hate the Mets, the Islanders, or the Los Angeles Clippers? This seems like the Mets. A lot of teams are poorly managed (Pirates, Orioles, and on and on). This is stupid.

5) New York Rivalry. I get this, I suppose. I'm a Rangers admirer, so I should hate the Islanders. I've got room to hate just so many teams across sports and, really, the Islanders just don't matter. When they last meet in the playoffs? How about 1994? Yeah, that.

Yes, the Islanders do a lot of foolish things (um...again, so do the Mets). Their idiotic parades were held on Hempstead Turnpike, but who cares? ALL CHAMPIONSHIP PARADES ARE LAME. HELLO?!? Real fans don't go to those effing things! (Yes, I'm generalizing, and I'm not saying I'd never go to one)

Anyway, thanks to Mick for passing this along. I have begun to think that I should open "Exit 55" up to a few guest authors, and Mick could be one of them (since he abandoned his own blog a while ago). I have a few other names in mind, but I don't know if they would take me up on it.

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