Friday, June 04, 2010


Thanks, Carrie.
I'm not a religious guy, and have little patience for those who are hypocrites about it. You know the type: the ones who only decide to pay attention to their faith on the holy days (pick a religion, and you'll find a hypocrite in every one). I respect the person who goes to their faith because it gives them hope and comfort. Because it is what they believe. And most of all - they don't throw it in my face.

I once dated a born-again Christian. I can tell you, without question - it was a huge factor in our not surviving as a couple.

I want to believe, and sometimes, I do. But I can't take it when it impacts lives, relationships, understanding, and creates - of all things - terrorism, hatred, and war.

Thus, this picture cracked me up. Nice, considering I wasn't in the best of frames this morning. Yet there is a reason I've often used "Haysooz Cristo" instead of "Jesus Christ." Though I might use "Josh Christ" now.

We'll ignore the fact that the person in the picture is wearing a Red Sox hat. That's just too easy.

This wasn't meant to be a rant about religion, nor should it be taken as such. Sadly, people can't handle talking religion (it's in that category of "do not discuss").

Thus the reason that I titled the post the way I did. Which, of course, is sad.

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