Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for a Revolution (With VIDEO)

This can't be.  Mean Mr. Mustard must be running the shop.

Abbey Road Studios is for sale.

Of course, Beatles fans are rightly outraged.  When I went to the London in 1997, I had simply one thing I wanted to see - that famous crosswalk featured on the cover of the Abbey Road album.  To turn the studios into anything else would be awful but of course time moves on.  Still there's hope.  From Bloomberg News:
The National Trust, a British charity that protects historic houses, gardens and monuments, already owns the childhood homes of Beatles Paul McCartney and John Lennon in Liverpool, England. The organization is asking the public for opinions via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter on whether it should save Abbey Road, after McCartney suggested it this week on a radio show.
I've already signed the petition.

Let's hear from Abbey Road's most famous clients (linked here)

Oh, I almost forgot - there's an Abbey Road webcam!

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