Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Links, More Dinks, More Bench (With VIDEO)

Yeah I know.  Predictions are useless...blah blah blah.  Oh but they're fun!  Remember the guy who picked the Saints to go the Super Bowl (then foolishly picked the Colts in game number 44)?  Well that was me.  *sigh*

Well JoPo is making baseball predictions in February, using one of his really long-winded rating devices to so.  Best of all?  Read this!
1. New York Yankees: 103-59
Comment: Loaded. And loaded. And on top of that: Loaded. Take last year’s team — maybe the best team of the decade — and add Curtis Granderson and Javier Vazquez. Did I say loaded?
Yes, Joe...but you can say it again. And to prove that the euphoria has not diminished (some tell me it does but I've never bought that), have a lookie at not one but TWO nifty videos (courtesy of River Ave. Blues).

First up is here.

Next up.

I just don't get sick of them, and there are so many others out there.

From our old friend Mick comes a few nuggets:
1) Via "Vin Scully is My Homeboy" comes a Dodgers Caravan and Barry Bonds (yes, you read correctly). This blog might be best intended for our occasional WGCH contributor and now master salesman, Chris Erway. Plus Vin Scully is everybody's homeboy!

2) Mick also pointed out a list of the better Yankees blogs to me, via Big League Stew.

3) To that end, comes the story of a former Yankees season ticket holder. He canceled his plan, had an email exchange with a ticket agent, and Ross picks it up from there. Funny - nobody from the Yankees contacted me after I emailed them to cancel my account. Guess I didn't go balistic enough about the signing of Randy Wynn. Honestly, that's not a good enough reason for me to drop my tickets but everyone has their reasons.

Incidentally, Ross has moved the New Stadium Insider blog. His stuff is worth reading, so head here now.

I have another video for you. This one comes from my fellow road enthusiast, Steve Williams. "The Georgia Road Geek" has put together "Road Geek CAM!" videos but this time, he does a slideshow of stills with some Ronnie Milsap playing underneath. Roads aren't everybody's speed (GET IT?) but it still plays a part of the lore here at "Exit 55." Nice work, Steve (linked here).

We'll finish with an addition to my blogroll. I'm a big fan of the study of ballparks and stadia (or stadiums). I would love to be able to travel around and analyze them, review them, and get paid for doing so! Since that's not happening anytime soon, I'll just leave you with the Stadium Journey blog.

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