Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mount Saint Mary, Greenwich, Radio, Snow, and Sean - What a Mess!

From the sports desk:

- Greenwich won their opening round hockey FCIAC playoff game against Stamford last night. Onto the semifinals. Will WGCH be covering any of the games (and believe me, I've had plenty of people ask me)? Three words: I...don't...know.

- Mount Saint Mary College won their Skyline Conference semifinal against the College of Mount Saint Vincent yesterday. They will play Farmingdale State College today for the conference championship. There, sadly, will be no radio coverage.

This one bugs me. A lot. Let me explain.

The conference championship was originally scheduled for yesterday. I had it on my calendar and kept the day blocked for that purpose. Yet for today, Sunday, I scheduled a small birthday party for Sean.

Then it snowed. Then it snowed some more. And more. It caused countless problems - including a 40-mile closure of Interstate 84. It brought on huge power outages, including in Newburgh, home guessed it...Mount Saint Mary College.

The Mount was supposed to play their semifinal game on Thursday. I was going to go watch it (but not broadcast it). The weather pushed that game back to Friday (again, the same plan for me). Then the bad weather combined with - more importantly - the lack of power in Newburgh forced the postponement of the game (again!) to Saturday, and moved it to Farmingdale.

That moved the championship game to - yup - Sunday (today) at 11:00 AM. For us to broadcast it, the game would have had to be played in Newburgh.

Not happening.

So as a result, I can't do it, and neither can Christine Baker.

This...never...happens to me. I'm always able to get to a game, but too many things went wrong and created one nasty problem. Honestly, there are realities not worth getting into here (and circumstances that could have called for me to work), but ultimately, how do I not go to my son's birthday party - a gathering I organized?

All things considered, it just wasn't happening today. Too many extenuating circumstances.

I've called a lot of championship games, and I was really looking forward to this one. But one can't fight Mother Nature.

Best of luck to the Mount, and fingers crossed for a win and more games for us to call.

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