Sunday, February 28, 2010

Independent Rob

I've been thinking about my political stance a lot lately. I've mentioned it a few times here, and to friends as well. Yes - GASP! - I'm a registered Republican. Guilty as charged. Yet I've felt out of touch with the GOP for a long time.

I know - I'm creative and have some fairly liberal thoughts. I should be a Democrat, right? Wrong.

Don't start getting excited, Dems. I'm not all that happy with y'all either.

I don't hide from talking politics here on "Exit 55." Yet it's such a wasteland that I dance very carefully with how to write about them. So...I often don't. Plus I'm often reminded of my father's stance on discussing religion, politics, and money. Basically...don't.

It's not that easy for me.

Michael Smerconish wrote this blog post
in the Philadelphia Inquirer and it could have come straight from my computer. Don't get me wrong - he writes better than I do - but his thoughts

Brilliant work. Well said.

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