Monday, February 01, 2010

Off The Bench - "LIVE" from Brewster Honda!

I hear the Grammy's were on last night. And?

I was too busy watching the Pro Bowl.

I kid. I'd honestly rather watch the Grammy's than an exhibition football game.

Sometimes the NFL is really, really, really stupid. Just beyond dumb. Like forcing the Super Bowl participants to visit the Pro Bowl. Embarrassing.

Is Avatar really on the verge of being the highest grossing movie ever? Wow. Guess I don't have any taste because, unless she's really worth it, I have no intention of going.

I remain vigilant in the fact that there are certain things I've never seen, or barely seen. "American Idol." "Survivor." In fact, most (if not all) reality shows.

Then there are those that I've never watched simply because I just haven't. Any "CSI", for instance. My good friend Mick (and wife Gretchen) got me to watch "Law and Order SVU" and it was very good.

I have seen "Jersey Shore" once. I'm not proud of that.

That's the thing with me. I'm either on the bandwagon at the very beginning, or I come aboard much later. Or not at all.

Yet, for the right woman, I will watch. If she asks nicely.

I'm coming to you live from the Brewster Honda broadcast booth. Let's lose money together.

Seriously, I begin to twitch every time the person that checked me in approaches the waiting room. I just keep waiting for the speech about how this car needs $17,000 in work. Or some exorbitant amount.

You really don't want to see me in a fetal position. It won't be pretty.

(Please note, the previous statement does not represent a pity party for Mr. Adams...just stating the facts)

Brighter days are ahead, my friends. I've been saying it for months. Some of you have read that.

You see, I just write. Quite often with no filter. Oh sure I read and edit before I hit "publish", then I re-read it. Eventually, I read things again - after they're published. Some times I wish I hadn't written something. Most times, I'm fine with it. Other times, I just don't care.

Hold the "9/11" trials and be done with it. Be it in New York (City), Newburgh (their mayor wants to move it there), or anywhere else. It's justice. Let's get it on. It's amazing that NIMBYism extends its ugliness everywhere.

I have a NIMBY situation currently, and I haven't uttered a word.

The Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow. Bet it takes as long as the show itself, as they've DOUBLED the Best Picture noms.

It's been far too long since we've had Greenwich Cardinals ice hockey on WGCH. This has been the toughest season for me to schedule, with Fairfield and Hofstra hoops on the station, and various other conflicts. It's been brutal, and frustrating.

Finally, we're back on Thursday, with the Cardinals at home against Fairfield (Warde and Ludlowe). I think I'm even working with John Spang...who I last called a BASKETBALL GAME with (Mount Saint Mary women against College of Mount Saint Vincent).

Speaking of basketball, I'm sad that we're going through a second straight season without covering the Greenwich High boys' team. 'Twas once a time when we covered ALL of their games.

The wireless network in here is terrible.

My friends in R-VA are still digging out - to the tune of over a foot of snow. Normally when that happens, we're shoveling in the Empire State as well. Not this time.

I'm standing in Hannaford (a grocery store) and a father and son are recycling plastic bottles. OK, get the kid money for a skateboard, or whatever. I'm all for it. But FOUR-HUNDRED bottles? Doesn't there come a moment where they look around and let somebody else jump in? Not just me, but the four others who stopped by?

Back to the Grammy's. When, exactly, will we be done with the Michael Jackson stuff? I get it - he was an amazing artist. He could dance, he could sing, he could write. I understand that's how we should remember him but it doesn't stop the unseemly stuff from being part of his legend.

There are some who become larger in death. Michael Jackson doesn't need to be. He already was, even if his star might have faded just prior to his death. Now it's out of control.

Beyonce remains simply incredible. Taylor Swift seems very likable. Yet does the show need to be outrageous just because it can? I mean, the Lada Gaga/Elton John duet, and Pink dribbling water while dangling from up high seem unnecessary.

I'm just asking - not trying to be an old dolt.

Uh comes the Brewster Honda guy.

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