Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Strange Things on the Radio

After I left Mount Saint Mary tonight, following two yawners of basketball games (the women lie...79-16 and the men won 66-47), I popped on the radio to listen to traffic and weather together on 880 AM (that's WCBS).  Of course, we're all getting ready for a big storm tomorrow.

Yet as I came across I-84 on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge into Dutchess County, I noticed some interference with the signal.  Never wanting to miss a chance to pick a far and away signal at night, I decided to check on the frequencies near 880.  I flipped to 870 and heard the faint sound of some play-by-play.  Sounded like a Super Bowl highlight.

It was WWL, New Orleans.

To the average person, that might not be a big deal, but to me, it was just weird.  At no time have I ever picked up WWL from New York, yet here it was, just long enough to hear the highlight (to congratulate the Saints), then it was gone.  I've picked up Boston, Washington, Montreal, Rochester, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati,  Atlanta, and everything in between, but never New Orleans.

Oh, I eventually switched to 890.  That was WLS - from Chicago.  Traffic is OK on the Dan Ryan at this hour.

I love the radio.

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