Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Hockey Community Comes Together

Back in January, a Massachusetts-based high school hockey player named Matt Brown was making an average play, pursuing the puck, when tragedy struck.  Let's have WBZ in Boston explain from here.

To me, the story was very reminiscent of what happened to Travis Roy in 1995 for Boston University.

As usual, the hockey world reacted to Brown's injury with support, and that stretched to Greenwich, where Cardinal tri-captain Rit Spezzano began a grass-roots effort to raise money for medical bills.  A bucket was placed inside the Dorothy Hamill Rink, and donations have been coming in.  But an anonymous donor stepped up in a big way, saying they would donate $100 for every goal the Cardinals score.  You can find out more on the Greenwich boys team website.  The team is also sending a card with signatures on it, and you'll find both Chris Kaelin and I on that.  We're proud to do it - and it's only the very least we can do.

You can follow Matt Brown's progress, and more about the story, on their website -

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