Saturday, February 20, 2010

Think Pink at Mount Saint Mary College

Later today, the Blue Knights will play Farmingdale State to end the regular season.  The womens' game will be a matchup between the two best teams in the Skyline Conference.  It's also parents' weekend at The Mount, and the final game for the seniors on both the mens' and womens' teams.

With that, a farewell to Catie Biordi, Shannon Sangster, Chrissy Zrowka, Nick Monaco, and Matt Peters.

Still the day is about more than all of this.

There will be a PINK OUT!

Gianna Cesa, a senior at The Mount, created the idea of the Pink Out as a senior project.  From Gianna's proposal, the goals are:
• Create awareness and educate people about breast cancer and its effect on our society
• Implement awareness by uniting the Mount community to fight in unison for a cure
• Raise money for research for the National Breast Cancer Foundation
All attendees are asked to wear pink today inside the Kaplan Center, and that includes the coaches and players. Director of Athletics John Wright went through the proper channels to get the uniform altered to include pink for today.

Yes, even the broadcasters will have some pink on. My friends at the Red Bullseye (Target, folks) had a pink T-shirt that I will have under my Mount Saint Mary shirt.

I urge you to come to Mount Saint Mary College today (the games are FREE!). It will be a fun atmosphere with food, prizes, and goodies. There will be some great basketball. Plus Chris Kaelin and I will be there to call the games. Bring a radio - the reception is great.

Of course if you can't make it, then listen live at on

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