Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Randy Moller Might Be the Next Man-Crush

Gus Johnson remains the idol of all who enjoy over-excited play-by-play voices, but if hockey can gain any kind of stronghold, look out for Randy Moller - the radio voice of the Florida Panthers. Moller is a lattter-day Mike Lange, the longtime voice of the Pittsburgh Penguins who had become known for his cooky exclamations at big moments - most notably Penguins goals and game-winners.

Here is a collection of Lange's calls, via the WWL (that's the Worldwide Leader)

Now for Moller:

UPDATE: More Moller from Dan LeBatard

They both have their humorous moments (come on! Moller uses ANCHORMAN!) but I wonder if they also wear it out after a while. I'd have to hear a lot more to judge. Goodness knows I've been prone to a quip or two over the years. Largely harmless, so long as it doesn't take away from the call. You'd hate to hear a broadcaster who is so busy prepping his next big funny line that he blows the call. Not that we've ever heard that here in New York.

Oh and it could be worse. (Harold...turn away...don't press play)

That is a hockey's truly painful version of "The Giants Win the Pennant!"

Want more of Rick Jeanneret? OK, I guess (it means you get to hear "MAY DAY" again):

Harold may disown me for doing that.

That's enough for now. By the way, I have no idea when our next broadcast will be. Greenwich lost to Danbury in boys' basketball last night 67-62 and to South Windsor in ice hockey 4-1. So that's that.

I do, however, want to thank my WGCH mates for a wonderful season. Rob Crowley, Nick Fox, Sean Kilkelly and my partner of many years now, John Spang, did great work. No more so than last Saturday, when we went out with a call for the ages. We were as solid as we've ever been as the Cardinals beat Darien 3-2 to win the FCIAC Championship.

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