Thursday, March 19, 2009

"From Opening Tip To 'One Shining Moment'"

Those were the words of Jim Nantz as Butler and LSU get underway. Bo Spencer of LSU scores the first five points.

Good seats still available in Greensboro.

LSU just jumped out to a 9-0 lead. Not good for me.

Make it 13-6, LSU. That's a little better. I obviously picked the Butler Bulldogs.

We get Nantz and Clark Kellogg to start things. I'm OK with that. At least it's not GUS (I GET REALLY EXCITED) JOHNSON!!!!!

Nice guy, but sheesh.

I should be working at my mom's, so I could have a good web feed and keep an ear other other games as well. Instead I'm stuck with my Verizon service, which has been less than stellar.

First game reaches the half. Butler is trailing LSU 35-29.

Oh,I forgot to say this when I made my final four picks, but to show my diversity, I will now pick the women's champion. Ready?


Over Maryland.

You can thank me later for going out on that limb.

News just broke that UConn coach Jim Calhoun will not coach the Huskies in their opener this afternoon in Philadelphia. He was taken to the hospital and no further word exists. CBS is reporting it (and you're reading here) but as of now, Google reveals no further info.

I like Coach Calhoun. I hope he's OK.

I noticed Cal St-Northridge was making early noise against Memphis. Now the Matadors are up three on the Tigers. But come on - everyone relax - there are 10 minutes left.

Uh oh.

CBS is continuing to flesh out the Calhoun story and the buzz is that the UConn coach might not be back this weekend. Of course, that's assuming the Huskies win.

And so...adios to Butler (Rob=0-1) and Memphis survives (Rob=1-1).

Now we get Northern Iowa and Purdue. That means Kevin Harlan - another guy who is popular with the "Deadpsin"-type crowd. Oy.

UConn is of and running, down 2-0 Chattanooga. Craig Austrie, who once appeared on WGCH when he played Trinity Catholic, is a member of that Husky hoops squad.

Does anybody remember that we called Trinity Catholic's state title game against Northwest Catholic in 2002 on WGCH? Austrie and Dave McClure, who played at Duke, were both on that squad. The Crusaders lost 45-43. They wouldn't lose much after that with those two players.

These latter games aren't really thrilling me. Either that or I'm working too hard.

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