Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off the Bench (or A Few Quick Random Thoughts)

So K-Rock (92.3 FM) is done later today. I had heard a few rumblings about it, and sure enough, it's happening. When Opie and Anthony were told their show was over, I knew the writing was on the wall.

Sorry to see O&A off terrestrial radio but K-Rock wasn't cutting it for me. Too much like the current state of "alternative music", mainstream and all over the place. So what takes it's place? I'm told a pop/Z100 type of station.

The change happens at 5:00 today. We'll see.

Looking for a good station that gives a wide variety of music? Try WXPN from the University of Pennsylvania. My niece and I listened to it while we drove around the Philly area a week or so ago. Oh, I have my complaints with it (too many repeats of certain songs) but it's better than a lot of stuff.

Then again, there's always WFUV. Incidentally, one of the great DJ's there Rita Houston, posted a fun story there, and I highly recommend that you read it.

WFUV might, in fact, have the better playlist selection over WXPN. But it's nice to have the option when in the Philly area.

UPDATE: Mucho thanks (or something like that ) to Jon...he of RVA...for turning my onto another stations - KEXP in Seattle (via the University of Washington). Holy moly, this one is really good. One last is it possible that a great college town like Richmond, VA isn't putting a solid station on our little list of great college radio outlets?

By the way, did you hear U2 have a new CD? Geez...Letterman, Good Morning America (at Fordham U), now a three-part radio series. Get on your boots, indeed.

I had actually thought I wouldn't have tickets in the new House (aka Yankee Stadium) in 2009 and I was OK with it. But thanks to the efforts of my cousin Kris, my friend Mick, and the Yankees themselves (I'll give an assist to friend and birthday girl Kelly), I'm back. The Bombers called yesterday and with Kris on my cell, we completed the transaction.

So I guess I'll see you at the ballpark. I don't know how many games I'll actually make though.

I finally watched the DVD the Yankees sent along about the new Stadium. Looks nice.

Want to see the Yankees Stadium that made us all fall in love with it? Go here.

Jon from R-VA, USA sent me a link to some Bruce Springsteen stuff that he found. Damn him! I have too much to do as it is!

Bored? Go play some hip beats on your keyboard here.

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