Thursday, March 05, 2009

CSB Shuts Down

Nick Fox rang my cell phone last night as I was driving to Stamford to call the Greenwich-Trinity Catholic FCIAC semi-final on WGCH. It's not uncommon for Nick to call to see if I'm in the building yet, so I kind of assumed that's what he was calling about (or something like that).

Then he threw me a mammoth curveball - nose to toes.

CSB School of Broadcasting (known as the Connecticut School of Broadcasting when I attended it) had closed with virtually no notice. Students received a message telling them that the entire "franchise" (26 locations in 15 states). A message on the door of each locations read:
“We regret to inform you that CSB has shut down all operations until further notice. If you are a CSB student someone at Corporate will be in contact with you in the coming days.”
This news saddens me for multiple reasons. First - I am a proud alum. CSB was where I proved to myself that I could succeed in this business. It hooked me up with my first job - at old Majic 105 in Paterson (105.5 FM - now Y-105 in Brookfield). It helped me rebuild myself as a student following my father's death in 1989 and was the stepping stone to go on and finish both my Associates and Bachelor's degrees.

I had done some teaching at CSB in the past and was looking forward to doing more. In fact, I was supposed to start with them later this month (and we were talking about doing some cool things).

As I've moved along in the industry I've run into many more CSB grads - some of whom I still work with.

I feel for the current crop of students - like Sly - who now wonder what the heck is going on. The AP via the Hartford Courant says:
The family that started the school has told WTNH-TV it has begun the process to reopen the school so students can graduate.
I knew somehow the school would have to make good. Still more people are out of work.

I just don't know what to say anymore.

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