Monday, March 23, 2009

But the Food is Good!

When I met Jon from R-VA, USA in NYC a little over a week ago, we had no game plan. We figured we'd have lunch but that was about it.

True to form, we stood in Grand Central and chatted before we started to walk aimlessly. The beauty of that clueless stroll - straight across 42nd Street to 9th Avenue (towards the Port Authority Bus Terminal) led us to the pizza restaurant depicted above. It was terrific New York pizza - doughy, nice consistency and taste in the sauce and flat-out yummy!

Plus the guy behind the counter was overwhelmed and entertaining, so it was just all good.

On the way out the door, I picked up the menu. I had to scan it when I saw their marketing slogan:
If you are afraid to walk here, Don't Worry...WE DELIVER!
On this particular Saturday afternoon, I couldn't have felt safer, but I suppose the area around the bus terminal can be sort of dicey when it's dark.

Oh, to finish the day, we walked all the way up 9th Ave. and cut over to Columbus Circle, before watching kids play on a great playground in Central Park. Then we walked Central Park South and sat outside the big Apple Store/FAO Schwatz and talked some more. Then it was 5th Ave back to Grand Central.

You might be tempted to say, "boring." So be it...and bite me. For both of us, it was a good way to enjoy New York and catch up.

It was all good. And we weren't afraid to walk.

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Jon said...

Agreed. It was a good walk/conversation, and some surprisingly good pizza considering we just happened upon it. And we got to walk past Zanzibar....still one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. :-)