Thursday, March 19, 2009

Only Because NOBODY Asked...

Louisville from the Midwest...Memphis from the West...North Carolina from the South...and Villanova from the East.

Those are my picks for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Oh, and Tony Savino asked. Thanks for that.

I'll take Louisville over Memphis, and NC over 'Nova. Louisville will win the National Championship.

Write it down. Not.

I'm like anybody else. Some years I'm on fire, and other years I stink. There's always a little extra pressure on us sports personalities because we supposedly know all. We get abused when non-sports folks win. Sandi won one year and it really didn't bother me. I was proud of her. Besides every once in a while, the blind squirrel finds the nut, no?

So my picks aren't very ground breaking but I tried to shift things a little with 'Nova. I'd love for Pitt to do it but they haven't been great in the tournament over the past few years, and the pressure on them is enormous. Plus they get in foul trouble easily.

I've set up a special spot in my living room so I can work and listen to the games. I can see the TV as well, so we're all set. It's one of the best days of the sports year, and the clear sign that spring is almost here.

I do miss the times when a few coworkers and I would go to a local watering hole and extend our lunch just a touch so we could watch some of the games. Sigh.

Enjoy the Madness.

Oh, and terrible news regarding Natasha Richardson. A fine actress. She seemed like a nice woman, mother, and wife. Stable and all that. A rarity these days. Sad.

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