Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congratulations to Martin Brodeur

Marty the Magnificent became the NHL's winningest goalie last night, passing Patrick Roy's record of 551.

Many are calling him the greatest goalie ever, but I'm not as quick to do that, especially since I frankly don't feel qualified (Killer and Harold, among're up!). Roy, Ken Dryden, Tony Esposito, Glenn Hall, Terry Sawchuk, Jacques Plante are all in my brain, along with Johnny Bower, Bill Durnan, Turk Broda, Tiny Thompson, and George Hainsworth, Ed Giacomin, Billy Smith, Bernie Parent, Grant Fuhr, and Gump Worsley.

Oh, and I'm throwing Mike Richter's name in, because I want to. He's not the greatest, but I think he deserves a mention, and he stood on his head in '94, outdueling who to get to the Cup Final? Marty Brodeur.

To be fair, and this is a lesson for all of you young bloggers, I got those names from this article, written by Kevin Dupont on MSNBC. Always cite your sources, kids!

Oh, and the US came from behind to beat Puerto Rico in the WBC last night. It frankly looked like a Marlins game at Dolphin Stadium - the seats were mostly empty. A good night for a couple of Mets, as Carlos Delgado homered, Carlos Beltran made a great catch in center, and David Wright had the game-winner.

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