Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tim Parry Visits Wiffle Ball Heaven

A big 'atta-boy to Tim Parry, who took a ride to Greenwich to visit the now-infamous Wiffle ball field.

Read his account here.

A lot of times the NIMBY's find some support, and often win their case. It doesn't look like a lot of folks are on their side in this situation.

Somebody is actually spending the time and money to have a security camera installed to view the field? Haysooz Cristo, puh-leeze find something better to do. Donate the money to a charity, or something.

What I've learned is that you're cool to the kids, the kids will be cool to you. At worst, they'll ignore you. This is true in everything, like the volleyball game I took part in the other day where it was me, who graduated from high school 21 years ago, and probably 20 kids, who graduated a month ago.

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