Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's bad enough that the Wiffle ball field was torn down. So the kids go back to have a harmless game on the field - without the walls that existed there. Seems innocent, no?

WRONG! The poor neighbors felt threatened by the evil Wiffle ball players. So the neighbors called the cops, and now there are "No Tresspassing" sings.

You stay classy, Greenwich. I especially appreciated this quote, by the esteemed First Selectman, Peter Tesei:
"It is what it is. It means you don't go there."
Well isn't that just dandy.

The whole thing is just another black eye in the court of public opinion from Greenwich and Riverside. Just another excuse for outsiders to snicker at the rich, snooty behavior in Greenwich. And this time, I can't defend the town. Nor will I defend the neighbors.

The whole thing stinks.

There's a much-overused cliche for things like this:

Mighty Greenwich has struck out.

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