Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The End of Mike and the Mad Dog?

It could be drawing to a close soon, so says Neil Best, but the Mike and the Mad Blog won't let it die without a fight. They're putting a petition online, and while they rip Kim Jones (who I like), they also attack Evan Roberts, Joe Benigno, and Chris Carlin, all of whom will hold down the 1-6:30 slot normally occupied by M&MD.

The best of the petition (in the form of a letter to PD Mark Chernoff) is this:
I want hand waves. I want arrogance. I want condescending. I want ill-informed. I want my Mike and the Mad Dog.
Well said, good sirs.

And in other moves at WFAN, Neil has the goods on the new host of the Giants pre- and post-game show: Russ Salzberg. What? Did Chernoff not accept tapes? Did he not look into The Killer? Haysooz Cristo, what exactly is going on down there at the Fan-a-roonie?


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