Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FOX Had Been OK...

For the most part, I felt that FOX's All-Star coverage was passable. Yes, they botched a few things, and blew off a couple of others for commercials, but they earn my wrath for leaving as the Great Mariano came out of the bullpen, mid "Enter Sandman."

Mo's entrance is one of the coolest moments in sports, and his participation in this game had been a source of controversy. You'd think they could have skipped that commercial break, don't ya?

Oh, FOX (specifically Tim McCarver) did kind o' piss me off with their DEFENSE of Papelbon. They're kidding, right? Then ol' Paps went and damn near blew the game. But Billy Wags (he who is not the real Sandman) came in and let former Renegade Evan Longoria tie the game up, thus taking Paps off the hook.

My hat tip to Terry Francona for bringing K-Rod in, setting things up for Mo. Further nods to K-Rod himself for applauding as he left, in deference to Mo.

And as for Mo's appearance? Um, strike 'em out, throw 'em out. Just another night for the greatest closer ever.

Did I just hear Tim McCarver say that the booing and treatment of Pappelbon will further fuel the fire of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry? Is he kidding?

Oh, and I NOW find out what I've been waiting all night for. From PeteAbe:
I should have mentioned this before but I foolishly assumed Fox would have mentioned it. But there was an announcement after the second inning about Bobby Murcer. It wasn’t a moment of silence, just sort of an annoucement. I’m sure the Yankees will do something better on Friday.
Um, Mr. McCarver? You WORKED with Bobby Murcer on Yankees games and called him a close friend. Could SOMEBODY have mentioned him tonight?

I know the Bombers will pay tribute to Bobby Ray on Friday night, but I won't be there. I'll be calling Gades-Auburn Doubledays. Damn.

UPDATE: It took FOX until 12:17 AM (at the start of the bottom of the 11th) to finally pay tribute to Bobby. Very nice.

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Sean G. Kilkelly said...


The MLB All-Star Game is the best of the All-Star Games. However, it really has become bastardized.

I'm not going to get into late starts for the folks here on the east coast because that's an old argument and is not going to change any time soon.

But I still think that having the winner getting home field in the World Series is ridiculous and last night only highlights that flaw.

If I'm in the AL do I want Terry Francona handling my players - especially pitchers? Can you say conflict of interest? Not that Francona would deliberately leave a pitcher in too long, would he?


The only conclusion is to take out the home field stipulation.

All-Star Games are for the fans and should never have any impact on the regular season.