Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still More Tributes

AP Photo by Julie Jacobson

Nice touch by John Valenti in Newsday here.

PeteAbe blogs some items here.

Tyler Kepner in the Times has thoughts from longtime Yankees trainer Gere Monahan here.

Here are the thoughts of Bill Madden in the Daily News.

Haysooz Cristo, even Mike Lupica has stepped up to the plate.

Bob Raismann has praise also? Wow - guess everybody really did like him.

I'll keep adding things of interest. Oh, I do have just one criticism, and leave it to ESPN. They did a story on ESPN News about Bobby's passing. As most outlets do, they added that "death shot", which is a still frame of the person with their dates of birth and death. There was a full-color picture of Bobby, from his appearance at Yankee Stadium in May (which is above). Then in the background was a faded image of Bobby in a CUBS uniform.


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