Friday, July 11, 2008

More Wiffleball Madness

My friends at WSTC/WNLK (well, I only know Matt Levine) had this note on their site today:
The Brockton Rox, a baseball team in a Massachusetts independent league, wants to show the people of Greenwich how to be a good neighbor. The Rox, of the Canadian-American League in Broxton, Massachusetts are inviting the Greenwich wiffleballers to take them on, by challenging the 14 wiffleball players to a wiffleball game at Campanelli Stadium.

When the Massachusetts team became aware of the controvesial field situation surrounding the Greenwich youths, they immediately wanted to show their support.

"We are all about family fun," said Rox General Manager Brian Voelkel. "Wiffle ball is great way to spend a summer's day and we want to encourage these kids for their desire to not sit at home and play video games," Voelkel added
Kind of funny, considering WGCH's owners own the station that have the Brockton Rox games. Great job by the Rox, and I hope the Greenwich kids take them up on it.

The whole Wiffleball thing is dumb, and shows Greenwich in a bad light...again. The story has been picked up by the New York Times and others. It also sounds like the politicos are supporting the kids. I'll join them for a game anytime!

Kudos to my WGCH colleague Sam "I've never met a cause I didn't like" Romeo for discussing the situation on his "Greenwich Matters" program.

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